Monday, February 8, 2010

Ameesha Patel and Kanav Puri no longer together

After spending many lonely years post her breakup with Vikram Bhatt, Ameesha Patel found solace in her NRI boyfriend Kanav Puri and they were into steady relationship for the past three years. However, since past eight months, trouble has been creeping into their relationship.

The reason for this trouble is that while Kanav wants to settle down with marriage, Ameesha wants to give another try to her sinking acting career. In fact, he had proposed marriage to her when he had come down to India to celebrate her birthday in June last year but to his dismay, Ameesha has been evading this topic by and again. Currently, there is so much tension that both have stopped speaking altogether.

Insiders also say that since Ameesha has patched up with her parents, she is feeling emotionally secure and does not need her boyfriend’s shoulders any more. So, while Ameesha wants to concentrate on her sinking career, Kanav wants to move ahead of a relationship which seems to have no destiny.

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