Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aamir gets insulted on Twitter

Internet addicts have found a brand new way of insulting actors – by hurling abuses on their social networking sites, blogs or even homepages.

Their accounts on Twitter started their own websites or began writing blogs.

Take the case of actor Aamir Khan. The actor recently faced one of the most venomous abuses when someone posted a message on his website questioning Aamir’s post where he talks about one of the most painful experiences of his life – his wife Kiran Rao’s miscarriage. The person inferred that it was just a publicity stunt. Without reporting the person, Aamir just said,

“Whoever you are, may God help you.”

Even actor Amitabh Bachchan has been through a similar situation.

“Yes, there are some posts and responses that are not shown on my blog. It is because they are unfit for postings,” says Amitabh.

His blog team also revealed that only 25% of the total posts (in response to Bachchan’s blog posts) are allowed to be visible on his home page. Most of the responses are removed because they are abusive, contain foul language or are spam postings.

Actor Preity Zinta has also been at the receiving end of this menace. She says,

“I want to make my rules very clear. If you can’t write nice things, then please don’t come on to my page. It’s my page, it’s my home. So, here my own rules apply. I will not take rubbish from other people here,”

Because of this menace some actors are still wary of opening an account on the Internet.

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