Friday, January 29, 2010

Celebrity Nicole Richie Blonde Hairstyles

Nicole Richie has been infamous as far as having an orange brass blonde colour of her locks has been concerned. The part on the left side of her forehead is seen in approximately all her images, no matter what hairstyle she has made on her head. It is certain that she has adopted many hairstyles over several years, which include ponytail, wavy hair, braids and hair with the wings. Today, hairstyles have become more inside the area of sexy, however still they continue to keep a trendy part of Nicole’s life.

A natural look has been pleasing for Nicole Richie and a loss of extensions is not missed by most that also includes her celebrity hair stylist. Since her separation from Paris Hilton, she has gone through several significant changes. Not only she has lost a considerable amount of weight, she has also thrown away her hair extensions for more growth naturally.

The bangs continue to be swept to the left side but the whole new hairstyle appears to be saying something about softness and romance, which was not such before. The shorter hairstyle seems to be much more pleasing on her and the layers has been perfect thereby giving a mature yet modern look.

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