Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vodafone 360 and the Samsung H1: It’s not all bad news

After my rather direct note earlier today I thought I should get a bit of balance going in the form of some good things about Vodafone 360.
The primary 360 interface is actually rather intuitive. There is perhaps nothing better than sweeping your finger to the left, watching the little profile squares swoosh about and taping on the picture of your wife.
That displays a nice little profile box giving you the opportunity to…
- call
- text
- send an email
- send a message (I haven’t worked out the difference yet, I think that’s a 360 message)
- or view their location
It’s nice. I do like it. I’ve moved my family into the ‘family’ section. I’ve moved some work colleagues into the ‘work’ section. Likewise with friends.
It’s — psst, don’t tell anyone I wrote this — quite enjoyable.
The biggest problem I’ve got at the moment is that none of my friends, family or work colleagues are using Vodafone 360. In fact, they’re not using Facebook much at all. :|
And that’s a bit of an arse. It’s not Vodafone’s fault.
I found myself grabbing the handset every 30 minutes or so and having a flick through to see just how flippin’ boring my contacts are.
Indeed there have been no updates from the folk on my phone since last night’s Dr Who extravaganza.
When they add Twitter to the 360 menu options, it’ll be more relevant to me I think.
I like the web interface too. You can login to www.vodafone360.com and configure your account there too (useful for mass-deleting people who you don’t need on your handset). I was particularly impressed that, by default (and automatically), any photos I take are uploaded there, privately. Kind of like an automatic ShoZU-on-steroids.
Once the photos are there, though, there doesn’t appear to be an easy option to, for example, knock them over to Flickr yet.
So far then, I think the Samsung H1 on Vodafone 360 is shaping up to be a rather useful device/service for normobs.

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