Friday, January 29, 2010

New Celebrity Bob Hairstyles Trends

One of the hottest versions of the classic bob is the inverted bob with many celebrities shaping their hair into this chin-length style. Staying true to the short haircut made popular by the 1920’s version of liberated women or “flappers.” It was invented by Antoine, a Parisian hairdresser in 1909 who was inspired by the story of “Joan of Arc.”

Today this hairstyle is worn mostly by women, with the cut shorter in the back and chin length sections of hair in the front. But men joined in the fun in the 1970’s wearing the hair cut short with a longer section of hair falling between the chin and the ears.

With many women loving to wear their hair like the celebrities, recently the inverted bob has received more attention due to the posh bob or “pob” hairstyle of Victoria Beckham, who created the look from the concave bob.

What makes this hairstyle so popular is that it works for almost every type of hair and face shape. This angled bob hairstyle that’s very funky with a stylish twist: the hair is fabulously graduated in the back accented with long, textured front layers.

You can give your bob more height and fullness at the top or enhance your bob with bangs, parts, curls and flips. The popularity of this haircut can be measured by the number of celebrities along with Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham that are choosing it as their favourite “do” including Katie Holmes, Rihanna, Ellen Barkin and Hayden Panettiere.

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