Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Xperia X10 Launching February 10th

If you love Android and Android loves you, perhaps you can consummate your relationship with an early Valentine’s Day gift by purchasing the Xperia X10 on February 10th. That’s right folks – in their UK Sony Ericsson Store has an announcement that the Xperia x10 should be available on February 10th and you can pre-register for information about the device as well.
But that’s not all: we’ve also recently been blessed with a couple promotional videos and samples of pictures and videos taken with the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.
First let us get the official angle with some X10 promotional vids:

And how about a video and a couple pictures taken with the Xperia X10 by none other than the Official SE Blog itself:

The picture quality seems nothing short of fantastic… but I would take that at face value. There isn’t any way the SE Blogger would have posted crappy pictures and you never know, maybe it took awhile to get pictures these good to come out. But no matter what, the phone at least has the capability of taking pretty awesome photos.
Also remember the video (which is pretty good too) and pictures were taken with an X10 running on preliminary software and beta hardware so the results might be better on an actual production unit. And if they’re WORSE on a production unit, someone has a big problem with quality control.
I’d like to remind you folks of something – the February 10th date was only a TARGET date and it was for the UK. There is not telling when it will come out elsewhere and furthermore, you can’t be positive it will come out in February in the UK either. Sony Ericsson has a history of being a bit late on their Xperia products and when you consider its also the first Sony Ericsson Android Phone… well, I just don’t want you to get your hopes up.
But all these official, inside looks are making us excited indeed. Here is the information from that pre-registration page:

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