Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrity Punk Looks - Great Summer Hair Idea

If you are a fan of the punk hairstyles that you can have or just inspired by a few of the greatest celebrities that have had punk looking hair over the years then you may be pleasantly surprised that it could be easier to incorporate a little bit of punk into your style without going over the top.

Men tend to favor the punk looks slightly more than women and this shown by some of the greats such as GreenDay who have had various punky styles over the years from Mohawks to stripy colors.

However, Gwen Stefani in her earlier pop days had some pretty good styles for women and although it would appear that she has gone slightly more mainstream over the years, still reverts to her previous punk look every now and again to inject a little bit of flavor.

The hit band, Paramore is led by the singer, Haley Williams who is definitely punk looking. She has had a few styles over the time that we have known her but the one thing that keeps her true to her punk roots is her bright red hair, a color that many people dream of but very few actually have.

Pink is of course one of the queens of punk with her pink hair, short cropped styles and spiky looks. This is one of the best celebrities to look at for easy punk ideas and the short bleached blonde, almost white look is currently the punk look of choice, easily recreated by many people.

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