Friday, January 29, 2010

Celebrity Rose Byrne Hairstyles

Rose Byrne, star of such films as “28 Weeks Later” and “The Dead Girl” has recently finished her filming her latest film, “Knowing” alongside Nicholas Cage in which she attended the premiere in New York just recently. A stunning girl with such a pretty face, she is the epitome of grace and beauty and the fact that she has been nominated for such awards as Golden Globes and the Australian Film Institute, it would appear that she is still just a down to earth girl.

Rose did not look like any ordinary girl at the premiere of her latest film however. Stood next to the great actor, Nicholas Cage, she looked every inch the natural beauty that Hollywood simply adores and with a hairstyle that was both simple and elegant, she could have played the leading lady in any number of films up until now.

The front of her hair were not cut into bangs as the latest Hollywood female celebrities are opting for these days, but pulled back from her face to show her naturally dark eyes. The rest of her hair was delicately curled into very loose waves that on some people would have swamped, but on the gorgeous Rose, looked fabulous and graceful.

The whole look was teamed with a rather filly edged pink dress with no visible signs of accessories and to be quite frank, many of today’s most prestigious stars could have taken a leaf out of this young actresses book, learning how to be graceful and elegant while still looking good at a red carpet event.

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