Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saidah Jules meets with a toe injury

2010 has not been a great start for the European actress Saidah Jules who made her bollywood debut with ‘Pyaar Impossible’ sharing a few comic scenes with Uday Chopra. First, her debut movie bombed at the box-office and now she has suffered an accident. She has broken her big toe and the doctor has put her foot in a cast.” This mishap has put a full stop to her career moves for the next 2 weeks.
“I was supposed to start shooting for another film and a reality show, but alas I had to cancel my dates. Hope the concerned people wait for me to get back on my feet,” says Saidah.
Reflecting philosophically over the failure of her debut project, Saidah says, “I view it from a different angle. Getting a break in YRF film is no small feat. I also got associated with big names like Priyanka Chopra what more can I ask for?”
Saidah will next be seen in Sunny Deol and Irfan Khan starrer ‘Right Ya Wrong’ where she has a meatier role. Saidah is also taking Hindi lessons as she is taking her career in Bollywood quite seriously. “I can understand about 70% of the language. And most of my dialogues in Right Ya Wrong are in Hindi and I managed it well,” she says.

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