Monday, January 4, 2010

Celebrity Hairstyles Tips

Late night, deadlines and bad dates can all cause tension on your tresses. This is because stress hormones can increase your scalp's oil production leading to a greasy scalp, dandruff and lacklustre locks.

So what do you to do? Simple, keep hair happy with these tips:
  • Brush before bedtime. Brushing hair using a natural bristled brush for about 2 minutes daily can not only dislodge dry flakes and dirt, it can also distribute oils which make hair extra glossy.
  • Don't OD on product. Using a rich conditioner daily can cause build up. A better regimen: Deep conditioning once a week and using a lighter formula for the rest of the time!
  • Choose Right. Never blow dry or iron hair without using a thermal protectant. Try L'Oreal Hot Straight Heat Activated Straightening Cream.
  • Get a Scalp Massage. Try this pre-suds. Make a parting from ear to nape, then add a few drops of essential oil every two inches until you complete your entire head. Flip hair forward and using your fingertips massage in small circular motions all over your scalp.

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