Thursday, January 7, 2010

Celebrity Right Hairstyles for Your Face

Right Hairstyle for Your Face

Can't decide on which hairstyle suits your face shape? Take this guide along with you on your next salon visit.

Ovals Face Shape

Ovals like Gisele Bundchen are easy to work with because their face shape suits pretty much any look. The looks of the moment for ovals are choppy bobs, shoulder grazing lengths and tousled waves.

Hearts Face Shape

Hearts like Reese Witherspoon should avoid drawing attention away from their pointy chin. Try a haircut that stops at the jawline or fall below it. Alternately, opt for bangs that fall over your brows.

Square Face Shape

Squares like Gwyneth Paltrow should soften the look of a hard jawline with either long and smooth hair or choppy ends.

Round Face Shape
Rounds like Kelly Clarkson should graduated layers to shim down the face.

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